Why I'm Calling This a Journal and NOT a Blog

Let's be honest. Blogs are a tad overrated. Someone hears blog and thinks here we go again, another person trying to quit work and become a famous blogger. Unless you're a famous Youtuber, celebrity, or stay at home mom who still manages to make life look magical and care free while balancing kids, then odds are one's blog won't make it. If you don't have something just out of reach to make your life interesting and desired or a different take on things, people will get bored with you.

So, with that being said, this won't be a blog. I associate regularity and consistency with a blog, and my life is simply not that. My life is more of a roller coaster... sometimes it's chaos. It's often stressful being a pre-med student. Sometimes it's painful with the searing pain of a deployment. But it IS always full of gratitude and strength, a lot of networking and planning, and a lot of determination balancing maintaining an exemplary GPA with modeling and soon to come a part time medical job.

Having a website with an official domain is the next step to getting myself out there in the world. I have the diverse portfolio, so now is the time to create a name for me, a name outside of my academic achievements. Life is too short to pursue one passion and ignore another. Behind a name lies a person. And I don't want to hide behind my perfectly edited portfolio pictures. Underneath is a real person, a genuine young woman. This journal may not regularly be posted, but it will consistently represent me. As I continue to unveil a vastly growing portfolio, I will slowly but surely reveal myself on here as well. I hope that anyone reading this journal enjoys it, or at least gets some clarity about me. I hope that people will find that I am a hardworking dedicated individual who is always looking for an opportunity to shoot and create magic. 


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