About Me


I am a published savannah based traveling model…

It all began March of 2017. Five people commented on my stature and asked if I was a model. I giggled bashfully and said no, per usual. That night I went home, recapping my events over dinner, discussing how it's too late for me to join the industry, so my husband said, "Why do you think that? Just try it." I did my first shoot, and it became a domino effect of connections and shooting from there. Almost a year later I've been pursuing nothing but modeling and fitness in my free time off from undergraduate school. With a little help from the internet, modeling has taken me all over this nation and even to another country with a few more upcoming in this new year. While I mainly go back and forth between California and Georgia for shoots, my photoshoots have also taken me to Tennessee, NC, SC, Florida, New York, and Mexico. I love creating magic with other photographers and models because much like life every perspective and outtake is different. I am always looking for new places to travel and new themes to shoot. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested in working together. I have been told that I am easy to work with; I show up and give my all and work to ensure that the look being aimed for is created. I take directions easily, but also share my perspective and ideas because two heads are always better than one.